The Sun is Rising is an album by Steve Combs.

Catalog Artist Date Label
PAR-301 Steve Combs 4/14/2014 Parenthetical Records


Background Edit

The Sun is Rising was the very first full-length Steve Combs album. His first foray into electronic music, the album contains more simplistic arrangements than those of the later records. All of the songs were improvised in studio by Combs, except for Hold Music.

Tracklist Edit

Track no. Title
1 Sun is Rising
2 Danger
3 Buzz
4 Five
5 Project
6 Hold Music
7 Marching Band Live!
8 Welcome to Michigan

Bandcamp-exclusive Bonus Track Edit

Track no. Title
9 Motown Rehearsal

Re-released Version Edit

On March 2, 2015, The Sun is Rising was re-released with the inclusion of the remixes from Remastered.


The cover of the re-released version.

Catalog Artist Date Label
PAR-501 Steve Combs 3/2/2015 Parenthetical Records

Additional Tracks Edit

Track no. Title
10 Sun is Rising (Remix)
11 Danger (Remix)
12 Buzz (Remix)
13 Five (Remix)
14 Human Race
15 Hold Music (Remix)
16 Marching Band Live! (Remix)
17 Welcome to Michigan (Remix)
18 Motown Rehearsal (Remix)

Note: Motown Rehearsal was also included as track 9 on the re-release.

Credits Edit

  • Composed by Steve Combs
  • Album art by Steve Combs
The Sun is Rising - Waking Up - Orthorexia - Carnival of Self-Pity - Theme Songs & Atom Bombs - Principal Photography Brand New Record! - Steve Combs