Since March of 2014, Steve Combs has put out over 50 releases. Below is a complete catalog of his releases as a solo artist, as well as those with Delta Is, Hafrsjord, +32, and in collaboration with James Dean Claitor.

Complete Discography Edit

Release Artist Type Date
Do Do Do Steve Combs Single 3/?/2014
The Sun is Rising Steve Combs Album 4/14/2014
Waking Up Steve Combs Album 4/18/2014
Is OK Steve Combs EP 4/20/2014
Capturing the Zeitgeist Steve Combs EP 4/24/2014
The Sun is Waking Up Steve Combs EP 4/29/2014
Watergate Steve Combs Single 4/30/2014
Orthorexia Steve Combs Album 5/8/2014
Welcome to Michigan (Remix) Steve Combs Single 5/15/2014
Carnival of Self-Pity Steve Combs Album 6/7/2014
Better: The Best Of Steve Combs Compilation 6/9/2014
Zealand Steve Combs Compilation 6/20/2014
Remastered Steve Combs Compilation 7/10/2014
Vanity Project Hafrsfjord EP 7/16/2014
Love Everybody Steve Combs EP 8/6/2014
Whaling Song Steve Combs Single 8/11/2014
Theme Songs & Atom Bombs Steve Combs Album 8/14/2014
Dead Steve Combs EP 8/21/2014
Rockford Steve Combs Single 8/28/2014
Principal Photography Steve Combs Album 9/21/2014
1909 Hafrsfjord EP 9/28/2014
Goggle Kid vs. Steve Combs Steve Combs EP 9/28/2014
Groove '99 Steve Combs Single 9/28/2014
Brand New Record! Steve Combs Album 10/22/2014
Holiday Mug Steve Combs Album 10/23/2014
Irascible Steve Combs & James Dean Claitor Single 10/23/2014
Steve Combs Steve Combs Album 12/8/2014
EP +32 EP 1/9/2015
The Blue Period Steve Combs Compilation 1/?/2015
Songs To Volunteer To Steve Combs Compilation 1/?/2015
Songs From The Great Repression: The Even Better Of Steve Combs Compilation 1/?/2015
microSongs Steve Combs EP 1/27/2015
New Rock Steve Combs Compilation 1/28/2015
Healthy Eating & You (EP) Steve Combs Compilation 2/13/2015
Healthy Eating & You Steve Combs Compilation 2/22/2015
Frendly Delta Is EP 4/4/2015
Our Wasted Youth: The Complete Collection Steve Combs Compilation 4/13/2015
Young Republicans Steve Combs Single 4/26/2015
Killing Holden Caulfield Delta Is EP 5/2/2015
Themes (Vol. 1) Delta Is Album 5/14/2015
California & What It Means For American Small Business Delta Is EP 6/19/2015
Themes (Vol. 2) Delta Is Album TBA
Symphony For Spaceman Delta Is Album 7/14/2015